The Sale Waterpark Wombles staged a litterpick on Saturday, January 13th with 25 volunteers out and an amazing 64 sacks of litter collected.  Sadly the Waterpark Wombles have had to withdraw litter picks from Sale Water Park as there are no maintained bins at the north end of the lake. This has resulted in large amounts (of mainly heavy dog poo) being left for the Wombles to collect every month and carry some half mile to the nearest maintained bin, which is a safety hazard for the volunteers.   Strenuous efforts are being made to rectify the situation with park operators, and we hope to resume in the near future.

 In April 2017, the Sale Mayoral Fund generously donated £500 to allow the purchase of more equipment for our very popular Outreach Programme, where we loan kit to other litter pick groups and individuals. With these funds we have purchased litter pickers, vests, hoops and a storage locker.

In June 2017, Sale Lions donated £200 for Womble operating expenses. These funds will be used for our SWEEP initiative (Sale Wombles Environmental Education Programme) for primary school children, plus other related operating expenses.

In 2016, Sale Wombles was provided with funding by several supporters, without which we could not operate:

Trafford Housing Trust Community Panels for £245.75.  This allowed us to purchase 25 hi-vis vest and litter pickers for our Outreach Programme.

Altrincham Festival Committee for £300.  Hi-vis vests and litter pickers were purchased for our Young Womble activities.

Trafford "Make Sale Smile" donated £724.  This has allowed the purchase of handiloops, teen hi-vis vests, advertising banner & lettering, Young Wombles badges and insurance.